Logistica Metalmalla

Discover the 5 keys to the success of our logistics

At Metalmalla we put all the efforts into a daily improvement of all our processes. Here you have the keys to our success:

1. Raw material

We have a wide range of raw material suppliers, all of them from the EU, with whom we work at the same time, in this way if there is any setback with the supply of material, we do not stop our production.

Every time raw material arrives, we check their quality certificate and we makeour own quality control, in which those responsible for both cutting and welding are involved to ensure that the wire is in perfect condition.

2. Flexible and dynamic tools

Our commercial team has agile and adaptable tools to carry out product quotes and to identify the different processes such as standard and special orders.

In case of special orders, with these tools they are able to identify the client’s needs, define the appropriate composition of each mesh and prepare the technical drawing. For testing our palletized cargo meshes, we always comply with the ANSI MH26.2 standard.

If the project is new or more complicated to develop, we manufacture a prototype and send it to the client for final verification, so the client is sure that the order they receive is exactly what they need.

3. Stock control

We always have a controlled and safety stock, both the raw material and the most standard electro-welded meshes. In this way we can speed up many internal processes, while reducing delivery times for our customers. The people in charge of production and purchases are the ones who carry out the meticulous control of the security stock to restock the material when necessary.

4. Production

We expanded our work space with the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery. With them, we can speed up all processes and adapt our resources to demand and work peaks.

5. Delivery times

One of our strengths is the speed when delivering orders,due to maximum optimization of the processes that we carry out in the factory. It also helps us to have a strong relationship with our logistic partners, who provide us with a service adapted to our needs.


In collaboration with:
Karla Nuñez


In collaboration with:
Justine Bertuzzi
Europe Sales Manager