Mallas metálicas en el sector ganadero

Use of electro-welded metal mesh for animal husbandry and protection

Electrowelded meshes are well established in the animal husbandry and protection sector thanks to the wide range of possibilities they can offer. In terms of composition, stainless steel is gaining ground in the sector, since it allows the panels to remain in better condition for a longer time.

Nowadays practically all regulations governing these sectors are focused on 2 basic issues:

  1. The animal’s quality of life: the mesh offers greater visibility and safety.
  2. Ecology: mesh’s greatest advantages are long lasting and ease of recycling.

Among others, the dog breeding and protection sector stands out. Meshes are used to manufacture dog crates, with dimensions and light between rods that may change according to the size of the animal. These requirements keep dogs safe from possible attacks and, at the same time, minimize the feeling of confinement, thus improving their quality of life.

In poultry farming, given the variability of sizes and species, very specific meshes are needed for each case, always with the premise that the animal has the greatest possible comfort and visibility. In this way, the mesh acts as a space limiter preventing the exit of animals or the entry of others.

Meshes are also useful for delimiting areas within farms, such as in poultry and pig farming; they are incorporated into moving parts that help to narrow or widen specific areas to move animals more easily and safely.

Likewise, meshes are an essential part in manufacture of safety protections for machinery and fans used in farms for animal welfare. In addition to providing protection, the electrowelded mesh allows for easy hanging of moving parts such as feeders, drinkers and other components needed by the animals.

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