Anti-collapse mesh

Goods detachment on warehouses can lead to numerous issues, both for employees and for the rest of store loads, and even for the installation itself.

Our backing mesh deck or anti-collapse mesh is the perfect solution to avoid incidents, as it prevents loose materials from falling onto corridors or working areas.

Anti-collapse mesh attachment is fixed using spacer brackets placed on the back of rack shelving units. These steel fixings are secured by standard screws, and they are tailored to fit the installation, considering necessary separation between the mesh and the beams, or with sprinklers and other elements, if there were any.

Our standard mesh is 100×50 mm with a Ø 3.9 mm rod and galvanized finish, which we always have in stock, but we can manufacture mesh gaps of different sizes to adapt to the requirements of the installations, starting from 20×100.

We also perform foldings on the upper and lower parts of the mesh panels to provide rigidity and prevent them from moving once placed in their final location.

New safety standards that must be complied with constantly emerge, aiming to prevent unnecessary accidents in warehouses, which companies must incorporate. At Metalmalla, we create different solutions to help companies secure their installations in the way that best suits these types of regulations.

This type of anti-collapse mesh is the perfect ally to ensure safety in any shelving installation, as it can be incorporated both on the back and on the sides, thus creating a safety perimeter around the facilities. Some warehouses, like Miniload ones, incorporate them to delimit the passage of people or create independent and separate areas for the robotic part and the passage of workers.

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