Safety is paramount in any sports facility. For this reason, electrowelded mesh is the ideal product for manufacturing fences and structures that separate and protect playing areas and other spaces. The strong point of this product is its versatility, as it adapts to any existing fixation and structure.

Electrowelding’s resistance is the key for the entire structure to withstand impacts caused by the practice of any sports activity. The different wire qualities (galvanized, zinc-aluminum, stainless steel 304 L and 316 L, etc.), as well as the different treatments that can be applied to the meshes (zinc-plating, hot-dip galvanising, and pickling and electropolishing for stainless steel) make it possible to place it in any location, both indoors and outdoors.

What can we do?

At Metalmalla, we can fabricate mesh panels with maximum dimensions of 3000 mm x 1600 mm and any combination of openings from 20mm to 500mm. We can produce meshes with different thicknesses of wire, from Ø2.5 to Ø10 mm, and we can even combine different wire diameters within the same mesh, depending on the needs of each case.

We manufacture in any type of finish (grey, galvanised and stainless steel). Stainless steel, despite it is not the most used material in this type of sporting venues due to its high price, is a very valid material for areas that require greater resistance to corrosion.

We have machinery with which we can fold the meshes, being able to adjust their adaptability to any required need. In this case, they will also serve to build other articles such as cages to store balls or other sports equipment. The electrowelded mesh is firm enough to continue offering the same robustness even when subjected to some treatment to curve it or give it any shape; for this reason, it offers greater advantages compared to other materials, whether metallic or not.

Our meshes are frequently used for the construction of paddle tennis courts, roller hockey rinks, football, futsal and basketball courts, among others. They are not only used to make the fence itself of the court, but also for making protections to be installed in the back area of the goals, staircase protections, and other perimeter areas.

Each court is different, both in terms of the type of sport and the particularities of the court itself. That is why at Metalmalla, we make each order to measure, considering all the needs of the project.


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