The versatility of our picking mesh decks means that they can be used in a multitude of storage systems. Our technical team designs them so that they can be adapted to all types of beams, sizes and situations. For this reason, they are also indispensable elements for automated storage systems for small loads, also known as Miniloads, for vertical storage.

Automated warehouses require a high level of optimization, which is achieved thanks to the design and architecture of the gigantic structures, planned by teams of specialised engineers. These structures consider the measurements of the boxes and/or trays to be used and where the load will be placed, and we adapt our meshes to this effect. Everything is designed to the millimetre, from the space between rods to the distance between meshes, so that the robots can manoeuvre without obstructions.

The stacker cranes are those which carry out loading and unloading, connected to a storage management system that read the reference’s codes to place and extract the load. Their magnitude is smaller than the forklift trucks, which allows the space between racks to be reduced and a better use of the warehouse.

These warehouses allow an increase in storage capacity and speed compared to other types of warehouses, as well as greater absorption in the rotation of article references.

In terms of safety, the installations must have perimeter protection barriers, for which we manufacture electrowelded meshes in compliance with sector regulations. These protection barriers separate the stacker cranes work area from the operators’ work area.

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