The invention of the pallet, in the America of 1920’s, was a great improvement towards transport and storage of loads. This new element meant not only a great saving in terms of time and space, but also a change in the warehouse model, which has undergone an incredible transformation since then.

Palletisation meant the modification of the whole system of storing products in warehouses. That was when pallet racking arrived, which have evolved considerably, becoming truly gigantic structures designed to the millimetre.

In the past, racks that supported the palletised loads were only made of wood. In fact, some are still made of this material, but this choice has many disadvantages: dirt accumulation on the surface, impossibility to see what is on the upper levels, quick fire spread and it breaks without warning. The rack mesh deck was created to replace the wooden rack, solving all these disadvantages and offering greater versatility for new warehouses that need to build numerous vertical levels.

Load safety is crucial, which is why we have an experienced technical team dedicated to the design of our mesh decks. We also test our products with an external company, according to the indications of the ANSI MH26.2-2007 standard “Design, Testing and Utilization of Welded-Wire Rack Decking”.

We optimise the design of the mesh according to the type of load, both in terms of weight to be supported and dimensions to which it must be adapted. The mesh pitch (spacing between rods) is also calculated taking these factors into account, as well as the type of load that will rest on the mesh: Düsseldorf pallet, Euro pallet, American pallet or any other. If the customer does not know how the load will be positioned, we design mesh decks that can be more versatile for a future adaptation.

We use omegas welded to the rods to create a structure that can efficiently support more weight. Another advantage of the omegas is that they do not have sharp points underneath, unlike flat bars which can have them.

At Metalmalla we use high quality steel to make our meshes and we manufacture them mostly in pre-galvanised finish. If you need rack mesh for your project, contact our team.