Gabion wall

The creation and use of gabions as architectonic elements has been commonplace. We are less and less surprised to see retaining walls built with electrowelded mesh cages and natural stone in diverse spaces such as houses, gardens, motorways or riverbanks. Its installation is an economic solution but also ecological, aesthetic and fireproof, which is why has become popular in civil works and for public access areas.

Electrowelded mesh, combining with natural stone, offers versatility as well as robustness when building solid gabion walls. Its use has crossed barriers and has also conquered the interior’s design world, where it is being used to cover walls and other elements. Even though where we see them the most is in facade cladding, where their aesthetic finish and their adaptation to the construction’s work offer an extraordinary result.

Walls built with gabions hardly ever need foundation or time to settle and allow water and air circulation, so they will not be wash away in the event of being subjected to high pressure from these elements, which is why they are used on the banks of rivers and canals to prevent landslides. They are much quicker and simpler to install than other types of walls and do not deform over time, which means that their structure remains perfectly smooth.

What prevents the gabion from deforming?

Tensioning meshes are usually added inside the gabions to provide stability to the gabion, it prevents its shape from changing once it has been installed.

What are the measurements and finishes of our meshes made to make gabions?

Normally we are asked for meshes of 2 metres long per 1 metre high and 1 metre deep; the thickness of the rods usually varies between 3 and 6 millimetres.  As for the finishes, they can be in grey, galvanised or stainless steel wire, depending on the place where it is to be placed.

How long can a gabion structure last?

The meshes used to make gabions can remain outdoors for decades without their structure being modified.

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