Our picking mesh decks are mounted in manual or half-load racks, which are the most suitable for picking areas.  They are ideal for small parts, such as boxes or single items without palletizing and with different shapes and sizes.

The goods are picked manually, no forklifts are used, which means that the ends of the meshes are perfectly adapted to the type of beam, avoiding sharp areas that could damage people or loads. It is not necessary to use any type of screws as the shape of the mesh itself is fitted to the beams, preventing movement.

These racks adapt to the space available in the warehouse, so our meshes adapt, in turn, to the different types of beams and the loads they must support, whether they are light or heavy loads.

The versatility of these meshes means that the number of rods and the distance between them can be adapted depending on load’s weight, which will also determine the number of reinforcements and their location in the mesh. For special loads, such as containers, we design and manufacture tailored, reinforcing and making the area where the legs or skates will be placed. In any case, our technical team studies each order to obtain the best solution and achieve an optimal and customized design.

Our meshes comply with fire regulations as they allow the water from the sprinklers to pass through thanks to the space between rods, something that does not happen with chipboard shelves. For this reason, the picking mesh decks are used in several professional sectors such as: hardware stores, spare parts and industrial supply warehouses, pharmacies, filing areas, shops, high storage aisles, etc.


Accessories for picking mesh decks:

Divider mesh

They are the ideal accessory to our picking mesh decks. They can be attached to the base mesh or suspended from the upper mesh.

Our team designs them considering the needs of each customer, both for where they are going to be placed and for the type of load they must separate. We adapt the distance between rods, the fixings to the support and the size and shape.

The bevelled shape of the rod ends that we use prevents damage to goods or injury to operators when handling objects.

They allow light to pass through and thus also the visibility of the goods on both sides of the mesh.

Backing Mesh Decks

They are placed at the back of the racking structures. There is a standard size with a 50×50 light between rods, which we always have in stock, but they can be designed from scratch to adapt to any structure, load and fixing.

Both the picking mesh decks and any of the complements can be manufactured in any of the finishes: galvanised, zinc plated, stainless steel and painted.

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