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New trends in logistics

The events of recent years have changed the costumer’s purchasing behaviour, changing the paradigm to be followed by the logistics sector.

Adapting to change is an indispensable requirement for any company, but in the logistics world it is an imperative matter. Because of that, in recent months we have visited the most important professional fairs: SITL, Hispack, LogiMAT y SIL, where we have witnessed the latest developments in the sector.

Different product types and references, as well as safety and optimisation needs define the construction project of the logistics facilities. For that purpose, warehouses are designed to the millimetre and different storage technologies are used, such as the new shuttle systems, intelligent robots (AGV), trilateral forklifts and mechanised guides.

Novedades en la Logística - Metalmalla

But these new systems need safe structures, in which mesh decks play a vital role, both for the protection of operators and the load.  At Metalmalla we use our extensive experience in the design of meshes that offer greater safety and adaptability than other systems on the market:

  • We meet the demands of fire regulations that require a 75% free gap for the passage of water from the sprinklers.
  • We provide greater protection against falling pallets, using omegas instead of flat bars to make the rack mesh decks more robust when supporting heavy pallets.
  • We offer versatility, such as picking mesh decks for double-depth racking and separators to divide levels both laterally and perpendicularly.
  • We design and create electro-welded meshes for protection and separation in areas where operators pass through.
  • We manufacture anti-fall meshes that can be adapted to all types of installations and shelving.

If you have a specific need for your installation, contact us and we will get down to work to offer you the best solution.

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