9 Jun, 2021

Respectful towards the environment

Medio ambiente

Respectful towards the environment

If we look for a standard definition of environmental policy, we find that it is a set of norms that a company complies with, in order to carry out certain actions on the environment.

At METALMALLA we take the standard to another level, and we consider it a very important legacy to protect and create economic, social and environmental value in the short and long term.

Knowing this situation, we invest in respectful technology for its development.

We are a sustainable company and we carry out actions for the environment, mainly aimed at reversing its deterioration and contributing to the wellness of present and future generations.

Karla Núñez, Head of Quality at METALMALLA, details several improvement projects carried out by the company to benefit the environment and promote these policies:

Textile managementTextile management

We use CLEANING CLOTHS during our production processes, which can be washed and reused up to 50 times, generating significant savings.

We also use long-life security containers during the transport and storage of cleaning cloths, helping to reduce the amount of waste that could be generated.

In this way, METALMALLA carries out proper management of waste, which is converted into energy through the thermal use of the pollutant material extracted, a process formalized by specialized companies for this purpose, mainly for residual oils.

Forklift update

We have replaced a large part of the diesel forklift fleet with electric ones. An electric forklift produce zero emissions and are 100% environmentally friendly. They do not emit carbon dioxide during use, which is an advantage, not only for the environment, but also for our workers.

This type of electric forklift only consumes the energy necessary for its operation and does not heat up, therefore, it is more energy efficient. Most of the battery in the electric forklift is made of fully recyclable lead, another added benefit for the wellness of our planet.

Hazardous waste management

We have procedures for collection, transport and final treatment, with accredited companies to manage the handling and final disposal of hazardous waste.

At METALMALLA we adopt the pertinent measures and make sure that the management of hazardous waste is carried out without any risk to the health of our staff and for the benefit of the environment. We promote waste prevention, reuse, recycling, use, correct treatment and final disposal.

Gestión de residuos peligrosos
Gestión de la chatarra

Scrap management.

At METALMALLA we recycle metal, contributing to take care of the environment.

We have containers to separate stainless, galvanized and gray material. In addition to contributing to environmental wellness by avoiding pollution, we collaborate with the generation of new jobs, since recycling generates new job opportunities for people and companies that use the residual metal for the production of various types of objects.

In collaboration with:
Karla Núñez
Quality manager