13 Apr, 2021

Mission, vision and values ​​of METALMALLA

Mission, Vision and Values of Metalmalla


At METALMALLA we make ours, as relevant values, the good treatment of our clients, suppliers and competitors.

Mission, vision and values ​​are the ethical and professional principles that METALMALLA has as a commitment to respect throughout its activity.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our MISSION at METALMALLA is to be leaders of the metallurgical sector and anticipate changes, with innovative processes and projects.

It is also part of our mission to cover the different market sectors, maintaining maximum competitiveness in price, quality and service.


At METALMALLA we aspire to be a company recognized as a leader in our sector either by our employees as by our customers, suppliers and special interest groups.

We want to continue being an innovative example in manufacturing processes.


The distinctive values ​​of our brand are:

Quality, service, honesty, transparency, constancy, technological innovation, punctual to deliver, sustainability, change adjustment and close costumer and collaborator relationship.

Valores Metalmalla


Within our business values, we consider honesty as an essential part towards our team, customers and suppliers.

We believe both human and commercial relationships are built by trusting on each other, so they need transparency.

Valores - Puntualidad


METALMALLA’s quality team, together with the factory managers, has created an internal system to analyse production, time and resources. This way, we are able to controlle timings and transport in each delivery. 

Valores - Calidad


We know the reality of the metallurgical sector in this complicated period, due to the pandemic generated by COVID19, and we know that the supply of raw material has been a challenge for many countries.

Even so, METALMALLA has remained constant in searching new markets, avoiding our customers any inconvenience, without affecting quality or price.

This perseverance and effort are what have allowed us to successfully maintain our commitment.

Valores - Calidad


At METALMALLA we want to improve the exellence.
Our Quality Management System allows us to automatize operations and make business processes more efficient, saving time and money, by detecting useless resources and their effective redistribution.

The high quality standard comes from a strong customer orientation, and is one of our main corporate goals. The quality of our products is a fundamental pillar that determines the success and competitiveness of our company, as well as the positioning of our brand as a leader in the sector.

Valores - Adaptabilidad


At METALMALLA we know that our society is immersed in a new era for citizens and consumers, which forces companies to demonstrate their ability to change.

That is why we seek continuous evolution, even if it requires the adaptation of our behavior patterns, to achieve, in this way, the desired results.

Valores - Cercanía


The entire METALMALLA team integrates emotionality and closeness as fundamental values, creating family ties with our brand.

And that attitude with our customers is what defines our reason for being every day.

ELISABETH CUCHILLERO - Dpto Logística / Exportación Administración In collaboration with:
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