In Metalmalla we stand out thanks to our custom made meshes capacity, solving all the inconvenient that our clients might find in their way and offering the most reliable solution. Our technical team designs mesh decks for racking and picking racks of all types and, in this case, we are going to talk about meshes that span more than two beams.

Frequently, our clients have special needs either for the load’s type that they store or because of the beams configuration they have, even for both. Sometimes, warehouses do not have too much space or wanted to optimize resources and they opt for reduce the hallway’s number, so they need to annex three or four horizontal beams and  require a mesh to cover the whole space.

We can design picking and rack mesh decks to join from three to four continued beams per level, with all the necessary reinforces depending on the weight and morphology of the load, for example, when there are long length goods. In situations where there are little sections between beams, where no load is supposed to be placed, we will add reinforcements or not depending on whether the customer states at some point there will be weight placed in that area. This way productivity and safety in the warehouse increase.

In cases where there are picking or rack mesh decks already installed and little spaces are left between beams and contiguous rack structures which might make it difficult to slide the load forwards and backwards, we can also design little meshes to fit in the area.

Also, we can attach divider and backing mesh decks. In every case we make them to measure so that they adapt perfectly to their location, whether they are fixed to the lower or upper level. Backing mesh decks also work to enclose rack structures perimeter avoiding the fall of goods out of structure.

If you have any special need, do not hesitate to contact to our technical team.